how is this legal?

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mino greeting junhwe with a bear hug ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

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 YunJunDong Fighting !

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“Its like they’re butting in at the last minute.”

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[xsports] - MIX&MATCH BOBBY & B.I “show me the money” show signs of nervousness.

MIX&MATCH which were aired on the 18th, publicly show bobby and b.i participation in Show Me The Money. The were very nervous on the first preliminary round. Bobby, “we must keep moving around to not show our nervousness”. B.I, “relax your face. When we both are together, we will diminish the nervousness.” Continue in the car. B.I, “Once we reached, there will be alot of eyes looking at us right? Will we get ignored?” Bobby, “That’s why we are so nervous!” B.I held Bobby hands and said, “We must be together, it will be better if there’s 2 person.” 

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even the slightest binhwan’s moment makes me happy

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the art of facial exercises

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 Jinhwan - MIX&MATCH → ep 02

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Jinhwan ; Mix & Match ep 2

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“I trust this team. I’ll protect this team”
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yes please

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